10 Surprising Facts That Make Dry Camping The Ideal Choice For A Weekend Getaway

10 Surprising Facts That Make Dry Camping
10 Surprising Facts That Make Dry Camping

Have you considered dry camping? It's a great way to get away from it all, and it has some surprising benefits that make it an ideal choice for your next weekend getaway. Here are ten reasons why dry camping is the best choice for enjoying nature during your next vacation.

Going dry means less gear.


One of the best things about dry camping is that your gear load is drastically reduced. For example, if you are using a tent with an integrated floor, then you do not need to bring along any additional ground cover or pad. Your tent will provide all of these features within its walls.

Additionally, less gear means less space taken up in your vehicle and less weight being added to it. This can be especially helpful if you plan on traveling long distances or if you have a small car (such as a compact SUV) that may already be cramped for space as it is!

The advantages don't stop there though; when it comes time for cleanup after camping out overnight outdoors dryly, having fewer items helps significantly reduce the amount of effort required for cleaning up after yourself before heading home again! This makes this type of trip much more convenient than traditional RVing would be because there won't be quite so many surfaces needing attention while also providing plenty more opportunity for enjoyment before heading back home again."

You don't need to be an expert camper to go dry.


You don't need to be an expert camper to go dry. The truth is that you can take your car camping anywhere and set up camp. You have everything you need in your car, even if it's just a tent, sleeping bag, and a few other items. Even if your car doesn't have any of these things in it, there are ways around it:

  • Bring a hammock and some rope

  • Use an ultralight tarp (a piece of light waterproof fabric) instead of a tent

So what do you need? For starters, bring some food and water along with you on the road trip so that no matter where you stop for lunch or dinner along the way there will be enough fuel left in the tank for everyone to enjoy themselves after dinner time rolls around at nightfall when everyone gets hungry again!

Going dry is good for the environment.


As you can imagine, dry camping is a significantly more eco-friendly choice than other methods of travel. The simple fact that there's no engine running means you're not contributing to exhaust fumes, which are known to pollute the air and contribute to climate change. Additionally, you won't have as many plastic bottles or cans in your garbage bag at the end of your trip — what can be recycled gets recycled while everything else gets left behind onsite at your campsite.

Plus, if you're planning on driving long distances (or even shorter ones) into remote areas where there aren't any services available, this method will save money on gasoline too because there aren't any fill-ups required!

You don't need to worry about changing plans because of bad weather.


This is probably the biggest benefit of dry camping. With an RV or trailer, it can be difficult to enjoy nature’s beauty when you are stuck in one spot. You have to wait until the weather clears up before moving on, which can leave you feeling trapped and annoyed during your trip. If you don't want this problem, dry camping is a great option because it allows you to stay on the move while enjoying all that nature has to offer along the way!

Dry camping is a great experience for everyone.


Dry camping is a great experience for everyone, not just the experts. It's a great way to get away from it all and enjoy nature's beauty. It's also a great way to save money by putting down your tent instead of paying for accommodations.

While there are some similarities between dry camping and car camping, there are also some key differences that make dry camping the ideal choice for a weekend getaway with family or friends.

Dry camping lets you see nature in a new way.


Dry camping gives you the opportunity to see nature in a new way. When you remove all the distractions, there's nothing left but you and the great outdoors. No cell phone reception means no internet, so no Facebook or Instagram updates to let people know what's going on with your life. Without radio stations blasting music as loud as possible or TV shows vying for your attention with every plot twist, it's just silence and stillness. This can be pretty liberating!

Without any traffic from cars or other dry campers around you, it's easy to get lost in thought while sitting by yourself on top of a hill overlooking nature below—but only if those thoughts aren't about how much fun everyone else seems like they're having when they're enjoying their modern conveniences at home!

You can bring your pets with you when you go dry.

Did you know that you can bring your pets with you when you go dry? This is a great option for pet owners who would like to leave their furry friend behind when they travel, but don't want them left alone at home all weekend. In fact, there are certain campgrounds that allow dogs in the tent area — as long as they're on a leash and aren't bothering anyone else.

This might not be ideal for everyone, though: if your dog has issues being around other animals or people (or maybe even both), it's probably not worth taking them along just so that they'll be entertained by some squirrels and birds. If this sounds like something that would bother the both of you, then it might not make sense to stay at one of these types of campsites when planning out your next trip.

Going dry is an affordable way to get away from it all.

The cost of dry camping is significantly cheaper than other options, such as RV camping, hotel stays and tent camping.

Dry Camping vs Hotel

RV parks may be more affordable than hotels but they are not going to offer the same level of luxury as a hotel room. If your main objective is to save money then dry camping might be the better option for you. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (ERS), in 2015 Americans spent an average of $100 per day on food while traveling out-of-town on vacation versus $66 per day at home—and that’s only if you eat at restaurants every single day! This should give you an idea about how much cheaper it is to cook at home when compared with eating out all the time…

There's no work involved in setting up camp.

Another reason why dry camping is such a great choice for those who want to get away from it all is that there's no work involved in setting up camp. Unlike RVs, which require you to park them somewhere before you can camp out, tents are easy to set up and takedown. In fact, you can do so in less than 10 minutes—and if you're camping with kids or pets (or both), the faster the better. This means that even if you're roughing it with no electricity or water hookups, your campsite will be ready for use within minutes of arriving at your destination!

You can stay on the move while enjoying nature's beauty around you, which is difficult when you're camping with all the gear and your RV or trailer, not to mention that it can cost much more money this way.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of dry camping is probably an image of a rock-strewn parking lot with tents set up in the middle of it, or maybe even a field that has been designated as an area for RVs and trailers. While this is not entirely incorrect, there are so many other options for dry camping that make it the ideal choice for any weekend getaway.

You can stay on the move while enjoying nature's beauty around you.

When you go RVing or tent camping, you have to stop at certain spots because they have something like a bathroom nearby or they have electricity hookups available. Dry camping allows you more freedom because there are no restrictions on where exactly your vehicle needs to be parked once-off of pavement (unless there are road closures due to construction). This allows for easy access into areas that might not otherwise be accessible by larger vehicles or large groups staying together in one space (such as hunters). Dry camping also allows campers who are traveling solo with their own vehicle an easier way onto public land than through traditional campgrounds with reservations required months in advance!

Here are some benefits of going dry!

  • You can dry camp with friends and family

When you go camping, it's always nice to have someone there to share in your adventure. This is especially true if you're going out of town and leaving behind your regular responsibilities at home. If you're going on a weekend getaway with friends or family members who don't normally camp together, however, it can be hard to know how much equipment each person needs—and whether everyone will fit inside one tent at all! With dry camping, there's no need for a big tent that would take up too much space in the car or require multiple trips between the car and campsite. Instead, each camper can use whatever he or she has packed—and if one person doesn't want to bring along anything but his sleeping bag and pillow (as long as there are enough places for him/her), that's fine too! It also makes sense financially; instead of buying an extra $100 worth of gear just so everyone has what they need when they leave home (that may never be used again), just let them bring things they already own!

  • It’s easy to pack up when it’s time to leave

One of my favorite things about dry camping is that I can unpack everything after dinner each night without worrying about bugs crawling into my food while I'm unwrapping sandwiches from plastic bags inside a tent (which is often where bugs prefer their meals). If there aren't any structures nearby like restaurants or stores where people might hang around talking outside late into nightfall then why not hang around yourself? Instead of packing up early enough so we could start driving back home immediately after dinner every day during our last trip westward across America, we stayed until closing time every night then drove through mountains during darkness on dirt roads because our truck didn't have four-wheel drive capability under its current load conditions


When it comes to camping, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people prefer more traditional methods, while others want a more modern experience. But if you're looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors, dry camping is definitely worth trying out! Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration on how you can make your next trip even better by going dry with these tips from our experts at Outdoor Revival.

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